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From fitness and nutrition assessments, strength and conditioning, to contest preparation and support, Body By Derrick offers a wide range of performance services.

Fitness, Strength & Conditioning, Sports Performance

At Body By Derrick we can help you establish a baseline measurement of your fitness and we have the experience and knowledge to push your Strength, Conditioning and Sport Specific performance even further.

Fitness Assessments

Understand where you are in terms of your fitness with a detailed assessment. We look at previous training history, current activity levels and conduct some in-gym assessments of both strength and aerobic fitness and best of all it comes free as part of our Intro Session.

Strength & Conditioning

Derrick’s an expert when it comes to Strength & Conditioning training. Pulling together his wealth of experience in coaching bodybuilding, strength and powerlifting clients, he combines the best of everything to get the results you’re looking for.

Sports Performance

Being competitive in your sport means you need a competitive Strength, Conditioning and Fitness plan. Combining the right amounts of power, aerobic, anaerobic and skills training is an art and is crucial to getting the most of your time on the track, in the ring or on the court.


Nutrition, Diet & Weight-loss

Whether you want to loose a couple of pounds, get into shape or maximize your competitive performance, we can provide the right diet and nutritional advice.

Nutrition Assessments

Going hand in hand with our free Fitness Assessments (our nutrition assessments are also free!), getting a baseline for your current nutritional performance is critical in getting the best out of your training and out of life in general. Small changes can have incredible results when it comes to nutrition and diet so get in touch and schedule a free intro session today.

Diet & Exercise Planning

Diet and Training are incredibly linked when it comes to achieving the right results, so it makes sense to combine a nutrition and performance plan into one. All of our clients get an integrated plan that helps them achieve their goals in the quickest amount of time possible, whether it’s prepping for a bodybuilding contest, hitting new PR’s in a weightlifting meet or just slimming down for Summer.

Weight Loss Plans

Loosing weight can be a challenge for some people and it doesn’t help that there is a lot of bad information and advice out there. At Body By Derrick, we’ve helped dozens of clients realize their fat loss goals through sensible, achievable and easy to follow plans. All of our Weight Loss Plans are integrates with a Fitness Plan do they you get the combined power of training and diet working together in synergy.


Powerlifting, Event & Competition Prep

Get specialist training and coaching for your next Powerlfiting Meet, Bodybuilding Competition or Fitness/Aesthetics Event

Powerlifting Event Prep

Derrick Benjamin is a Pro-Level powerlifter that has coached many trainees to new records on the platform. Whether you’re new to Powerlfting or an experienced competitor, Derrick’s experience and time under the bar will help you achieve your next PR’s. Body By Derrick offers novice programs, 12 week meet preps and team entries for those looking to attend their first meet. Check out our Plans & Pricing or Get In Touch to find out more.

Bodybuilding & Aesthetics Competition Prep

]It’s not surprising that after achieving great body composition results a lot of Derrick’s clients express an interest in competing in amateur Bodybuilding and Bikini competitions. Whilst it can sound intimidating at first, it can be a lot of fun in a supporting and friendly environment. Body By Derrick can get you ready for your first comp and can provide on the day support to help you navigate the warm up and show. Get In Touch to find out more


Derrick Benjamin

Head Coach, Founder & Human Performance Specialist.

I recognized my calling to become a personal trainer in 2005, when I was hired to work at a small local gym called Church Ave Gym in Brooklyn, NY.  In May of 2012, I took the leap and founded Body By Derrick LLC

My goal is to provide affordable training, without gimmicks or sales tricks to a wide range of clients. Whether you are just beginning your fitness journey or are an advanced level athlete, I will cater to your individual needs and work with you to achieve your personal goals. I love training because it’s the most rewarding and inspiring thing I’ve ever done in my life. It is extremely gratifying to know that I have the opportunity to facilitate positive change in a person’s  life.

It begins with you. Your will to focus and commit.

Derrick Benjamin

Body By Derrick



2016 Client Results

2016 by the numbers. Our seriously dedicated clients get seriously good results and 2017 is shaping up to be even better!


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Client Testimonials

  • If motivation, flexibility, and a personal approach is what your looking for in a personal trainer, then Derrick is the man for you!
    Not having an active workout schedule in the past, Derrick has been a great PT in supporting my training objectives.

    Keron B.
  • I have been training with Derrick for over 3 years now and have seen amazing results. I have never felt stronger and healthier. He is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session.

    Luna A.
  • I’ve been training with Derrick since June and have seen significant changes. Not only have I lost weight, but I’m also gaining lean muscle mass throughout my body. He has helped me get comfortable in the gym (something I was always afraid of) and is always finding new ways to challenge me.

    Nicole R.
  • Derrick is a trainer that will certainly push you to limits you never thought you had and beyond. I would have never been able to guess the extent of physical strength and endurance I possessed before working with him.

    Jessica M.
  • He believes in my abilities, which gives me the confidence to do the crazy things he makes me do. If you are looking to compete, Derrick is your guy. Or if you just want to get fit and strong, Derrick is the man! He is an awesome trainer!!!

    Kit C.
  • I have been going to Derrick for my training since he’s been with NYSC. Every time I workout with him, I’m guaranteed a butt kicking workout!!! He never disappoints!! Anyone who trains with Derrick will be pushed to your fullest potential!!! You will be extremely happy with your results!!

    Minerva M.

Pricing & Packages

We have a range of pricing options and packages to suit your training needs and budget.

Pay as You Go

No contracts, ever.
  • No contracts or lock in pricing
  • Flexible training times & locations
  • Train as little or as often as you like
  • 1 on 1 or small group training available


Discounts available
  • Save money with package discounts
  • Discounted 5, 10 & 20 pass packages
  • Big savings on 1, 3 & 12 month packages
  • Most popular option for regular trainers

Contest Prep

Powerlifting & Fitness
  • 4-12 week contest prep
  • Fitness & Bodybuilding stage prep
  • Powerlifting meet preparation
  • Includes in person coaching/support at the event

Your health account, your bank account, they’re the same thing.
The more you put in, the more you can take out.

Jack LaLanne,
The Godfather of Fitness.


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